The Octopus Project is an Austin-based band (with three members hailing from Houston) that experiments with samples, obsure instruments and traditional rhythms to create a unique sound that’s a mix of synthesized, electronic, rock and something completely different….with just the right amount of bizarre. I adore them. We were ecstatic to meet with them during FPSF and talk to them about music, theatrics and giraffes (they’re huge in Austin right now, y’all).

Lauren Ignited: The Lauren Ignited crew saw you in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest and you gave a great show. I feel like you bring a lot of creativity to the stage, almost as much as someone could see in your music videos.
The Octopus Project: Yeah, thanks. Festivals are so hard because we don’t have a lot of time to set up. With the night set though, we are able to use some video elements into the show for fpsf. So that will be cool.

LI: Yvonne, you play a rather obscure instrument. I can’t even remember how to say it right now. But, could you explain a little bit of how it works?
TOP: Yeah, the Theremin. Sure, it has two magnetic fields. An antenna for volume and an antenna for pitch. It works with the proximity to your body. So that the electricity in your body, in your hand, affects the sound. So, the bass tones are far away and higher pitches are closer. For volume, if you are touching the antenna it’s silent…as you pull away it gets louder.

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LI: As a band, I think the crowd really enjoys the level of experimentation you bring to shows. Are you working on any new sounds right now?
TOP: Yeah, there’s always something new. There are some elements that come and go. We do kinda a computer based synth rig, most of the synthesizers are coming from the computer on stage. So, that’s a good way to bring different sounds in or out, different ways to process the audio we are doing on stage.

photo (9)LI: Do you build your own sounds?
TOP: We don’t design the instruments from the ground up, but I mean they are pretty carefully tweaked.

LI: When you build new songs, do you think of the sound first or the emotion behind the sound?
TOP: We have a new record coming out in a month, they all come about in similar ways. One of us will come up with an idea… Sometimes it’s a more formed idea, sometimes it’s ┬ájust a sound, or a more vague idea. I never personally think, ‘I’m feelings sad today, I gotta write a sound song.’ It starts with a sound, but then this sound makes me excited or this song makes me sad.

Photo Jun 02, 5 29 58 PMCatch a few of their music videos from their website and become friends with these folks on facebook, twitter and soundcloud. Be on the lookout for the next time you can catch them live. It’s a great experience!


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