Spoiler Alert: This season rocked! If you’re listening out of order, turn back 9 episodes now to Season 3 Opener: Hit Play and Play Again! You don’t want to miss any of the enlightening, inspiring conversations with our amazing lineup.

If you’re here because you’ve listened all the way through, a big thank you and… wasn’t everyone on the show fantastic!? Just really good people doing really great things for their cities – Chicago and Houston. Here are some of Lauren and Greg’s favorite takeaways from this season…

Family was a theme that found its way into all of our episodes this season. Lauren’s interview with Harold Green, for instance, focused on the family of artists he’s recruited for his Flowers for the Living Collective. The phenomenal Lili K and Megan McNeal, FFTL collective members, also talked about the importance of family, however you define it. “Your vibe attracts your tribe,” as Megan told Lauren. And, indeed, she’s right. Previous podcast guests Krystal Metcalf and Sam Trump are all part of that same tribe.

John Reed, owner of BCK in Houston (by way of Newport Beach), chatted with Greg about taking care of his team and respecting the community he moved into.

The team behind Bayan Ko impressed Greg with their mix of family flavors and Do Well Sandwich Co shared their passion for community-focused entrepreneurship.

A side note: If you haven’t listened to our episode featuring El Burro and the Bull, do so now! We chatted with them last season and their story about starting out and scaling up in Houston dovetails nicely with what Bayan Ko and Do Well Sandwich Co are facing at the onset of their respective businesses.

“It’s those like little moments of that nostalgia and that comfort that you get from food and how that’s translated,” Greg says. “That’s why I think chefs get so, so passionate about those recipes. And when someone has a bad experience, you know back to that Whisk episode. I remember him saying that when someone has a bad experience it affects him.”

As for what’s next, Lauren and Greg are taking care of business, personally and podcating-wise. Lauren’s trying to crush it with her social media clients, running social strategy for restaurants, retailers, and brands. In between, she’ll be catching shows all over town.

Greg’s probably going to Chicago Gourmet. He’s a little festival shy. You’ll have to tune in to hear his harrowing story. It may or may not have anything to do with wine.

Until then, let us know who YOU want to hear from! We’re always open to your recommendations for food and music in Chicago and Houston so hit us up via the usual channels.

Thanks for listening!

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