On our podcast, titled Chefs Coast to Coast, Lauren interviews Chefs from the Gulf Coast to the Gold Coast (Houston to Chicago) and brings you into their kitchen. They share their journey to becoming a Chef, their favorite things about their local culture, a recipe that we can ALL make at home and their recipe for success. The show airs every Wednesday morning and is bursting with great stories! Catch up on all the episodes and stay tuned for next week!

Episode 035 Houston:Chris (Crash) Hethcox, A Bold Chef with Bold Flavors
Episode 034 Houston:Innovative Crepes from a Friendly Cart in Montrose
Episode 033 Chicago:Cafe Tola, A Literal Labor of Love
Episode 032 Chicago:”Chef’s Special”: Ron Swanson Inspired Brunch
Episode 031 Houston:From Punk Rock to Farm to Table
Episode 030 Chicago:Spoken Cafe Has a Carefully Crafted Bespoke Menu
Episode 029:”Chef’s Special”: Chef’s Coast to Coast Favorites of 2016
Episode 028 Chicago: A Traveling Chef that Brings the Comforts of Home Through Southern Style Food
Episode 027: The Unheard Voices of Chefs Coast to Coast Reflect on 2016
Episode 026 Houston: Texas BBQ Lessons with John Avila
Episode 025 Chicago: For the Love of Apples
Episode 024 Chicago: How Indian and Pakistani Fusion is Done
Episode 023 Chicago: Don’t play with your food–DRAW IT!
Episode 022 Chicago: Ron Swanson Inspired this Chicago-based Brunch & Burger Joint
Episode 021 Chicago: Dreams of Cupcakes Do Come True!
Episode 020 Chicago: Honey Butter Fried Goodness!
Episode 019 Houston: From Yoga to Mexico and a 4 Day Brunch!
Episode 018 Houston: Tacos of Texas: An interview with the Taco Journalists
Episode 017 Houston: Eat & Drink Your Way Through This Blissful Retreat
Episode 016 Houston: Cajun Cooking Stories with BB’s Cafe
Episode 015 Chicago: Why You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day
Episode 014 Houston: Caution! This episode is not for vegans
Episode 013 Houston: Can You Handle The Heat?
Episode 012 Houston: Millennials: This is How You Cook
Episode 011 Houston: How a 24-year-old Opened a Restaurant in an Apartment (Well, Kind of)
Episode 010 Chicago: From Cooking for Royalty in Africa to Bro’Chetta
Episode 009 Chicago: Why You Should Hire a Female Chef NOW
Episode 008 Houston: Why The First Ingredient You Need is a Knife
Episode 007 Houston: The One Thing That Trumps Education in the Restaurant Industry
Episode 006 Houston: Chef JD Woodward of Shares some Southern Cookin’ Secrets
Episode 005 Houston: Chef Michael Sanguinetti Shares the Perfect Summer Recipe and Where to Catch the Best Waves
Episode 004 Houston: Chef Jody Cakes Shares Tips on Gluten Free & Vegan Baking
Episode 003 Houston: Anthony Calleo Shares the Art & Science Behind Making a Perfect Pizza at Home
Episode 002 Chicago: The Breakfast Klub Shares the Only Two Ingredients You Need for a Perfect Breakfast
Episode 001 Houston: Chef Amber Keyser & The Black Door Dinner Society