Screenshot 2016-08-22 14.52.30Just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, in the County of Marin, lies a small city by the name of Novato. In that sleepy town live 5 lads devoted to music. Young and ready to explore “life the universe and everything,” they had all dreamt the dream most kids just talk about at one stage or another of childhood: “Let’s form a Band!” The big difference here? That dream came true, and on the heels of a mini-tour that ended with a North Bay Music Award for “Best Reggae Band,” they have secured a well-deserved place on local music scenes up and down the Pacific Northwest.

I caught up with them on the first official night of the tour at a small venue, seemingly overshadowed that night by a free concert being held at Creekside park in Vacaville California. At about 9.15pm five guys tumbled through the door of Huey’s Pub, appearing excited and rushed, they were dutifully herded in by their more than efficient manager Isabella. A veteran of production and promotions, she works with Snow Star Music Management. I greet their beaming and proud manager. What followed was an honest, humble exchange of feelings and stories, ranging from how they all met, and the sometimes serious challenges they have faced in life, to an in-depth passionate look at their process and the messages in their music!

The Ridgway band members are Forrest Bousquette, Jordan Kulp, Jack Buzian, Erik Trignani, and Danny Hagan. They are predominantly a Reggae band but believe it or not started out writing and playing Metal! This gives them the range and discipline to fuse some popular genres and bring their vibe to a wider audience, mixing Rap with Ska and Lovers Rock, and challenging their listeners not to get up and dance to at least one song during the set. The tour is in honor of the launch of their first effort at a full-length album, Brighter Days: an easy and pleasant listen with some poignant lyrical content and a whole lotta heart. Watch out for them on your local state festival circuit and catch them if you can.

Connect with Ridgway online and keep an eye out for their tour dates.

Article updated on August 24th, 2016.

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