Think all spoken word performers recite stale coffeehouse poetry? Think again! Listen in as Lauren gets to know Harold Green, Chicago poet and multifaceted genius behind the artists collective known as Flowers for the Living. His fresh brew of aural and visual stimuli draws fans from around the globe and close to home, including Rahm Emanuel, the city’s mayor.

To say that Harold knows everyone doing something special on the Chicago performance scene is an understatement. He’s like the ghost behind every guest featured on LaurenIgnited. “That is me, the artist collector,” Harold laughs. His Rolodex is no joke: Lili K, Meagan McNeal, etc.

Harold’s been curating next level performances and putting together ensembles since his days college days. Attend a FFTL show and you’ll immediately sense that the vibe is different, inclusive. Positive. You feel it at Soul Speak too, his open mic and writing workshop series.

The projects showcase Harold’s ability to foster connections and entertain at the same time.  FFTL, began in 2014 as a solo YouTube “I wound up calling all of my super friends to come on board,” he says. Friends like Erthe St. James, Dee Wilson,  Prince Jericho, and the three background singers he’s dubbed the Muses. Since then, FFTL has blossomed into a full-blown orchestra with 20+ members.

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