My FPSF weekend started out with the dreamy sounds from The Eastern Sea, an 8 piece band originally from Houston but currently located in Austin. With eight members, there certainly wasn’t a shortage of instruments on stage. Guitars, two drum sets, flute, trumpet and lots of tambourines were played in a beautiful unison Saturday at 1:30. Despite being nearly the hottest time of day, their fans crowded the stage and sang in delight.

I had the chance to sit down with Matt, founder of The Eastern Sea, shortly after their set. We chatted about their set, the band and their hobbies. When I asked about the amount of cheerful tambourines on stage, he smiled and explained how the tambourines give the band the 60s tone that they love. Along with the flute, the tambourines give the percussion heavy band a beautiful balance. In the past six months, they have brought in five new band members, and when the drummer left, they replaced him with two guys. It’s a pretty eclectic set of eight. When they aren’t playing music they are composing music for plays, crusin around tumblr, playing video games and making homebrewed, hand delivered craft beer. Check out their latest single, The Lie, and take a peek behind the scenes while they brew up a batch.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Catch them on our tour or next time you’re in Austin. Follow them on twitter @theeasternsea, check em out on facebook and cruise by their website.
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