A few months ago, a friend of mine and I went to a SoFar Sounds show in Chicago. It was held in a beautiful yoga space and studio. Warehouse Eyes was one of the bands on the secret lineup and I loved hearing them live. In between sets they happened to be chatting behind me so I introduced myself and said hello. We’ve kept in touch and Christopher Gale of Warehouse Eyes agreed to a quick interview! Enjoy!

Lauren Ignited: How did Warehouse Eyes get started?

Christopher Gale: Warehouse Eyes started very organically (i.e. without a plan) playing restaurant gigs as a duo at cool spots in Minneapolis. Eventually we wanted more and decided to put together a band. It was with this band that both Jennie and I figured out how to operate creatively together and individually. Over the course of a few years we allowed ourselves to get blown with the wind in terms of our sound and art direction and core concepts. We feel a lot more anchored now. 

LI: How would you describe the genre of your music?

CG: We say alternative pop because we aren’t sure what to say. I’m bad at naming genres for the same reason I would be the worst piano teacher ever. I just have trouble seeing outside of being a music head. Let’s see…we use a lot of electronic elements, we are always following or fighting against pop song forms but never ignoring them, we care too much about lyrics and sometimes we think you should dance but usually not. So, alternative pop it is!

LI: What are a few legendary halls you’ve had a chance to play so far in your musical careers? How did it feel?

CG: I love this question. I wish I could I say I’ve played the Halls of Montezuma. I’ve played the First Ave. Mainroom and some larger venues in Madison, though nothing of note in Chicago. There is no place that has scared me yet. I can’t wait for that…. I’m kind of a robot so I crave fear but have trouble finding it.

LI: How did you get involved with SoFar Sounds?

CG: I love SoFar Sounds because I love playing to captive audiences. I’m not a musician who complains about people talking at shows or being on their phone or whatnot because people have a right to experience the world however they see fit, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not wonderful when you have an audience that’s doing the opposite. We’re excited to do more So Far shows on the road.

LI: What do you think is the next break through star in the indie genre?

CG: Depends on what you mean. If you mean breaking out of the indie world into the world of household names, I think Bon Iver is carving a interesting space for himself in the mainstream music world. His new record might be my favorite of the last ten years. If you mean vaulting into indie rock royalty, I think Jen Wassner from Flock of Dimes is doing really cool stuff and I gotta believe Empress Of’s next record will get plenty of attention.

LI: What is your favorite instrument… that you don’t know how to play but would love to learn?

CG: This is such a funny question in the age we live in. I love the trumpet and spent a year trying to learn it and didn’t like the effort-to-reward ratio. I’m just so blessed to live in a city with so many great musicians that I’m not really bummed that I can’t play any instruments because I can always find someone who can if I need it. So I’ll not really answer and say a choir. I can arrange for two-three voices but I’d love to be able to compose for/”play” a choir. This hasn’t changed much since I was 14 years old.

LI: What is your favorite travel spot and why?

CG: Jen and I both have a soft spot for New Orleans. Jen had an artist’s residency there last year and we had a super fun show at a puppet theatre in Bywater last March. It’s a great city to wander with lots of mystical vibes. Plus, drive-through daiquiris are a thing!

LI: What is your favorite Chicago food?

CG: Shout out to Sam’s Red Hots on Armitage! Just don’t get the pizza puff, not sure about what that is. Oh no! I just googled it and it’s permanently closed. 🙁 RIP Sam’s Red Hots 🙁

LI: What advice would you give to a struggling young artist looking to get noticed in the industry?

CG: Patience. No one is entitled to anything… and everyone’s trying to reach the next stage in their careers. Make plans and don’t be afraid when they change unexpectedly.

Connect with Warehouse Eyes on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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