What does a guy from upstate New York with a successful restaurant in Newport Beach do to expand his business? He opens an even bigger spot in Houston just before Hurricane Harvey hit, naturally. Greg chats with John Reed, co-owner of Bosscat Kitchen and Libations, about staying successful amidst challenges and taking care of your customers and staff.

John was a successful sports bar owner in California when a rude bartender at a gastropub pushed him to open the first BCK. “Listen, we’re going to open up a craft bar and restaurant,” he said, “It’s going to serve everything from Coor’s and Jameson to a $14 well-crafted cocktail, but we’re going to do it with with a great attitude.” Business partner Leslie Nguyen came up with the idea to focus on whiskey. They opened in Newport Beach at a time when the concept didn’t exist in cities outside the biggest three in the country.

BCK has a relaxed atmosphere but is serious about their menus. John says they’re cross-cultural dishes with a southern-inspired twist. Cornbread madeleines, pig candy with kimchi, and a chow-chow ketchup have all garnered BCK exceptional reviews on Yelp and even interest from review giant.

Becoming a part of Yelp’s campus headquarters, however, put too many financial strains on BCK’s expansion plans. John knew that if BCK wanted to expand they had to consider points beyond the state.


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