aftershock-2016-lineupAftershock has been growing steadily each year both in size and popularity, since 2012. Held at Discovery Park in Sacramento, California, the downtown area belongs to the rockers from October 23 – 24. It began as a one-daymini-fest, but due an overwhelming public response had to be upgraded to a full-fledged two-day event the following year. Boasting the best headliners in Rock, Indie and Metal, the legacy continues to draw fans from Cali to Washington, and beyond. In its freshman year the lineup was a consummate mix spotlighting Stone Temple Pilots, The Deftones, and Bush to name but a few. The festival attracted a diverse crowd of merry makers, from Indie fans to metal heads, the young and the young at heart, alternative lifestylers, and a bevy of press and media cats. Selling an incredible 32,000 tickets per year, it has earned its reputation for quality and quantity on the festival buzz line. Some notable acts from past years include Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Shinedown, Godsmack, Weezer, Buckcherry, Marilyn Manson, Coheed & Cambria, Bring Me The Horizon, Jane’s Addiction, POD and Seether! Tired yet? Split between four stages, and sponsored by Coors and Monster Energy, they each have a mind blowing number of acts performing on all throughout the weekend.

Featured at the festival are tons of appealing side attractions and unique activities. The “Make Your Mark” Art Zone, sponsored by Juxtapoz Magazine, provides a “specially curated interactive experience where attendees are invited to stop in and create something with paint to leave there for all to enjoy.”

“The Music Experience,” an interactive music exhibit, features a selection of the latest musical instruments and equipment being used by today’s nonpareil musicians. Participants are invited pick up, examine, and play with any and all of the instruments there to jam together and form their own pop-up bands. It is rumored that many appearances from artists in the lineup occur here! Watch closely now!

The “Keep Golf Metal” stop is a 9-hole mini putt-putt course, with PGA level golf clubs provided by Rife Putters and MasterFit Custom Golf Clubs. Rock-inspired fashions fuse golf and music motifs for the style conscious Ace! The Sacramento Kings Basketball Team sponsored a “Rock N Jock” contest, the details of which are not available at this time but plug into the “Experience” tab on the festival page for an update on when entries will be accepted.

Booths at this year’s celebration are “Dyin 2 live,” an organization devoted to enriching the lives of all people battling cancer. The organization proudly shares inspiring fulfillment stories, and once in a lifetime requests, honored by a diverse network of friends and sponsors of the charity. Browse the website and sign up online to donate your time or money to this worthy cause.

The organization “Take Me Home,” known simply as TMH, have been saving the lives of homeless, injured, and those animals on death row since 2001. Stop in and donate to this wonderful cause, or find out how to adopt these brave rescue animals.

Monster Energy, a leading sponsor of the event, are of course onsite sharing free tastings, artist signings, and much more! Cruise by and boost your energy any time of the day! You are going to need it!

“The Tennessee Experience,” gives the public an in-depth history lesson on Jack himself, the distillery, and how it all comes together to produce that smooth taste revered by Jack Daniels lovers all over the planet.

If all this is not enough to keep you entertained between sets, check out the smorgasbord of superior food vendors serving their specialties, let them tickle your taste buds and tantalize your tummy with fresh and mouthwatering cuisine!

There are too many bands to list, but in my opinion, festival-goers will get a fantastic manifold of brilliant musicians, rarely billed simultaneously at any celebrated event. It promises to be nothing less than stupefying!

tool-parabolTool, an artful and uncategorizable quartet is headlining Saturday night. The band is known for busting the seams of the alternative world wide open in 1993, with the release of their astonishing debut album “Undertow.” Their first single, which dropped from the album, “Sober,” was accompanied by a breakthrough video, directed by Fred Stuhr, using continuous animation and character models created by Tool guitarist Adam Jones. As elusive in concert as a snow leopard sighting in the mountains of Tajikistan, Tool shows are famed worldwide for selling out tickets within the first hour available. The band has a heavy following of loyalists, becoming devoted to the music on hearing the first cut. Add to that a massive fanbase that grows with each generation’s discovery of their superior songwriting and production, completed by Maynard’s unfailing lyrical potency! When these gentlemen step out, all in attendance will get onboard and take a journey into Tool’s strangely bewitching universe and beyond. There is nothing like it on earth and I will not miss a beat! Their 5th studio album, (no title as yet), has been “in the works” for quite some time now, and most are more than ready to sample it! With nothing to nibble on since the release of “10,000 Days” in 2006, the venue will no doubt erupt if indeed new material is offered.

primus-95Primus also lead the Saturday night lineup and bring their own singularity, ne’er to be replicated and impossible to mimic. A steady resounding thump from the bass, played with impetus by frontman Les Claypool, identifies them instantly, coaxed on by peculiar, crafted lyrics, syncopated drum beats from the hands of Tim “Herb” Alexander, and guitarist Larry “Ler” LaLonde’s penchant for inexplicable riffs! Together it all makes sense, and somehow stirs a part of one’s brain that might otherwise have remained asleep! Their performance will certainly be a vaudevillian caper, and a sensory overload of sound! The band’s most recent release, “Primus and The Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble,” is a completely re-imagined homage to the 1971 Classic “Willy Wonka.” Based on the much-beloved children’s novel, “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl. Primus serve up this delectable confectionery slaughter, with Primus’s very own limited edition chocolate bar, completing the extraordinarily absurd package perfectly! This ensemble of abstract and overt artists is in a league of their own, and have the veteran chops to pull all that off without a hitch! It is imperative to find them on the schedule and BE THERE to experience this menagerie of sounds and words, only decipherable when played by the band known as Primus.

The Ignited team is hoping to be in attendance and will keep you informed with the latest updates.

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